Have you have been inspired by some of the stories on this site and want to know more about political life?  If so, the information below provides a good overview of political life and the types of skills that are required to be a successful politician. It was developed in partnership with leading disability organisations, the Electoral Commission and political parties.

Elected representatives; includes:

  • Ministers of Parliament (MPs)
  • House of Commons
  • Councillors
  • Greater London Authority
  • Police and Crime Commissioners

Knowledge Base Elected Representatives – PDF Guide

Potential routes into politics

Knowledge Base Potential Routes into Politics – PDF Guide

Standing for elected office; includes:

  • Electoral Register
  • Elections

Knowledge Base Standing for Elected Office – PDF Guide

Engaging with the public; includes:

  • Campaign literature
  • The importance of listening
  • Talking to the public
  • Canvassing
  • Public speaking
  • Delivering speeches
  • Structuring your speech
  • Delivering speeches
  • Memorising your speech
  • After a speech

Knowledge Base Talking with the public – PDF Guide

Communications strategy; includes:

  • Written communications
  • Letter correspondence
  • Maximise impact
  • Difficult correspondence
  • Reading printed materials: devices and formats
  • Email messages
  • Distinguish between formal and informal situations
  • Presentation
  • Further considerations for making the most of your email messages
  • Effective online writing
  • Promotional materials: dos and don’ts
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation

Knowledge Base Communications Strategy – PDF Guide

Dealing with the public; includes:

  • Personal Presentation
  • Understanding the voter
  • Encounters with the general public
  • Campaign Team Recruitment
  • Canvassing conversations
  • Host an event to talk to the public
  • Campaigning online

Knowledge Base Dealing with the Public – PDF Guide

Managing your image in the media; includes:

  • What is Public Relations (PR)?         
  • Working with the media         

Managing your image in the media – PDF Guide

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