Councillor Tom Garrod

Councillor Tom Garrod

When did you become involved in politics?

I got involved with the local Conservative party as a teenager and started helping with election campaigns. They asked if I would stand for election. I lost the first time but a year later I was elected at the age of 19, Norfolk’s youngest ever county councillor.


What is it like being a councillor?

I’m the deputy cabinet member for vulnerable children, which includes special educational needs, and it’s refreshing for parents to have someone who understands the issues they face (I have cerebral palsy). One of the attractions about being a councillor for a disabled person is that to a good extent you can define what you want to do and when you want to do it.

What top tips would you give to other disabled people thinking of standing in elections?

My advice to others would be to draw on your strengths as an individual and seek support when you need it. I enjoy seeing people’s reaction when I tell them I’m 23, I’ve got a disability and I’m policy-making in the county council: that sends a really strong message.

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